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About Us

What is AdvantagePoint Health?

AdvantagePoint Health is a provider-led, clinically integrated network (CIN) built in partnership with Lifepoint Health, a leading healthcare company dedicated to Making Communities Healthier®. The objective of this professionally managed organization is to improve quality by aligning providers across the continuum of care; enabling seamless sharing of patient information; and enhancing coordination to ensure delivery of the right care for patients, in the right setting, and with the right resources.

What is clinical integration?    

The concept of clinical integration is a provider-led and patient-centered approach to healthcare management and coordination. It brings together hospitals, health systems and providers through shared data, technology and performance benchmarks to deliver higher quality and more cost-effective care.

Why should I join AdvantagePoint Health?

By leveraging the stability, support and resources of a large and established network, AdvantagePoint Health providers are well-positioned for success in the transition to value-based care. Together, our providers are effectively improving the quality and affordability of care while maintaining autonomy over their practice operations and remaining independent providers.

Additionally, AdvantagePoint Health providers have access to resources including:

  • Technology support to help administer the quality program established by the network;
  • Analytical support to discuss and understand where the opportunities for improvement exist across the patients being seen in their practice;
  • Additional care team support working in conjunction with their practice to address and better manage the clinical and social challenges confronting high-risk patients; and
  • Peer-to-peer support to identify and disseminate best practices across the CIN's organized system of care.

What is the cost to join?

There are ZERO upfront membership fees. The primary investment for AdvantagePoint Health provider partners is the time and effort invested to help continuously improve the program and work to achieve the network's clinical quality and performance standards.

What are the criteria for participation?

Providers participating in the AdvantagePoint Health network should:

  • Have a proven track record of delivering high quality care;
  • Share a commitment to enhancing the patient experience, improving quality and reducing costs;
  • Follow evidence-based care guidelines;
  • Develop and share best practices in collaboration with peer providers;
  • Have electronic health record (EHR) capabilities; and
  • Complete and submit the provider enrollment agreement included in this packet.

How is the organization structured?

AdvantagePoint Health is a formal legal entity consisting of an established Board of Managers (mostly physicians) and provider-led committees that are focused on the operational areas of quality, network performance, technology support and health plan and self-insured employer strategies.


How are provider quality and performance metrics determined?

AdvantagePoint Health providers actively lead the organization and collaborate with their peers to determine appropriate and agreed upon quality measures to help shape the network's Clinical Quality Program. They also work together to establish the operational procedures for the CIN and define how participating providers should work together. 

Does participation in the AdvantagePoint Health network preclude me from joining other CINs?

You may participate in other CINs, if desired. AdvantagePoint Health does not require providers to sign an exclusivity agreement to join our network. 

Will independent Physicians stay independent and keep their identity?

Yes, this is a key element of Clinical Integration. Clinical Integration offers many of the advantages of employment. (regulatory guidance, MACRA reporting assistance, access to contracts, performance-based bonuses, and care management resources), but also helps independent physicians gain financial stability while remaining a private practice.

Do I have the option to terminate my agreement at any time?

Providers must provide a 90-day written notice if they plan to discontinue their affiliation with AdvantagePoint Health.

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