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Member Benefits

What sets AdvantagePoint apart from other CINS?

Zero Upfront Membership Fees

Majority of CINs require an upfront PMPM fee or yearly fee for services rendered, which can be financially burdensome for providers. AdvantagePoint only seeks for providers to engage in CIN initiatives.

Zero Downside Risk for Providers

Majority of CINs push downside risk (e.g. money owed back to payor) to providers. AdvantagePoint shields providers from risk and becomes the risk-bearing entity.

Provider-Centric Funds Flow and Governing Board

Majority of CINs typically share less than 50% of payor payments with providers and have non-provider-led Boards. AdvantagePoint shares 50% of payments with providers and more than 70% of Board participants are physicians.

Real-Time Point-of-Care Technology Solutions

Majority of CINs do not offer EMR-agnostic solutions and fail to provide real-time patient information. AdvantagePoint deploys a Ribbon technology to flag/share patient details for real-time actionable insights and on-demand reports.

Community-Based Clinical Integration

Majority of CINs lump together providers across large geographic regions. AdvantagePoint firmly believes that care happens locally and includes providers that are accretive to patient care within a defined community.


What does AdvantagePoint offer to its provider members?

Provider-led Governance

AdvantagePoint Health is a clinically integrated network (CIN) built and led by a group of your peers -- providers who are dedicated to transforming the way healthcare is delivered in your community. There will be ample opportunities for you to participate as a leader in this organization. Whether you serve on the CIN Board of Trustees; participate in one of the provider-led committees that support the efforts of the network; or simply work as a high-performing, engaged provider in the network, you will influence the goals and outcomes of the CIN.

Consistent Definition of Quality

AdvantagePoint Health's Quality Program will be built and approved by the provider-led governance structure of the CIN. The program maintains a set of core measures, vetted by your peers as 1) medically appropriate, 2) relevant to our patients and the community we serve, and 3) trackable and reportable through data collection. The CIN Quality Program demonstrates our commitment to creating greater value for patients, payers, employers and other strategic partners. 

Well-defined Infrastructure

Data Systems

AdvantagePoint Health provides its providers with robust data analytics and performance reporting capabilities that enable providers to:

    • Analyze integrated data to identify clinical performance improvement opportunities;
    • Access live clinical registries;
    • Share clinical performance with your entire care team; and
    • Deploy patient engagement services. 

Care Management

By joining AdvantagePoint Health, your practice will have access to people who are deeply committed to quality improvement and effective care management. They will help ensure your success in the CIN Quality Program and help your team manage your high-risk patients across care settings. Care management services will be closely coordinated with the patient's primary care provider to strengthen existing relationships, reinforce provider instructions, and ensure patient follow-up.

Additional Support

Membership also affords providers and their practices the added benefit of consistent branding and marketing materials that communicate the value of the network to their patients, staff, payers and other providers. Ongoing technical and clinical training and education will be offered to providers and their staff on an as-needed basis. 

Value-based Reimbursement

AdvantagePoint Health offers access to an array of value-based contracts. Starting January 1, 2017, Lifepoint Health employees and beneficiaries have been encouraged to seek healthcare services from providers who are participating in the CIN. Going forward, AdvantagePoint Health actively seeks out value-based payment arrangements that reward the network for efforts to improve quality and decrease the total cost of care. 

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