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Tennessee Valley ACO Public Reporting

ACO Name and Location

AdvantagePoint Health Alliance - Tennessee Valley, LLC
330 Seven Springs Way
Brentwood, TN 37027

ACO Primary Contact

Primary Contact Name Rebecca Hall
Primary Contact Phone Number (256) 710-5200
Primary Contact Email Address

Organizational Information

ACO Participants:

ACO Participant Legal Business Name and DBA, if applicable ACO Participant in Joint Venture (Y or N)
AMG - Crockett, LLC N
AMG - Hillside, LLC N
AMG - Southern Tennessee, LLC N
Athens Physician Practices, LLC N
Athens Regional Medical Center, LLC N
Crockett Hospital LLC N
Donald E Beach PC N
ECM Health Group LLC N
Hillside Hospital LLC N
Internal Medicine Associates of Florence N
Northwest Alabama Emergency Medicine LLC N
North Alabama Neuroservices LLC N
RCHP - Florence, LLC N
Shoals Health Group, LLC N
Shoals Obstetrics and Gynecology, LLC N
Southern Tennessee Medical Center, LLC N
Sumner Physician Practices, LLC N
Sumner Regional Medical Center, LLC N

ACO Governing Body:

Member First Name Member Last Name Title /Position Members' Voting Power  Membership Type ACO Participant Legal Business Name and DBA, if applicable​
Timothy Crater, MD Member 11.1111% ACO Participant Representative AMG - Southern Tennessee LLC
Shannon Foster, MD Member 11.1111% ACO Participant Representative AMG - Southern Tennessee LLC
Ginger Hamilton Member 11.1111% ACO Participant Representative AMG - Hillside, LLC
Elizabeth Hall, MD Member 11.1111% ACO Participant Representative Athens Physician Practices, LLC
Jason Fugleberg Member 11.1111% ACO Participant Representative AMG - Southern Tennessee LLC
Kristen Phillips Member 11.1111% Community Stakeholder Representatives N/A
TBD   Member   Medicare Beneficiary Representative  N/A
Russell Pigg Member 11.1111% ACO Participant Representative RCHP - Florence, LLC
Vickie Turnbough, MD Member 11.1111% ACO Participant Representative Athens Physician Practices, LLC
Photios Vassilyadi, MD Member 11.1111% ACO Participant Representative AMG - Crockett, LLC
Due to rounding, ‘Member’s Voting Power’ may not equal 100 percent.

Key ACO Clinical and Administrative Leadership:

ACO Executive Rebecca Hall
Medical Director Crater, Timothy, MD
Compliance Officer Ashlie Heald
Quality Assurance/Improvement Officer        Carol Ann Hudson

ACO Committees and Committee Leadership:

Committee Name Committee Leader Name and Position
Contracting & Finance Shaun Adams, Committee Chair
Quality and Performance Improvement    Carol Ann Hudson, Committee Chair

Types of ACO Participants, or combinations or participants, that formed the ACO:

  • ACO Professionals in a group practice arrangement
  • Hospital Employing ACO Professionals
  • Network of individual practices of ACO professionals
  • Rural Health Clinic (RHC)

Shared Savings and Losses

Amount of Shared Savings & Losses:

  • First Performance Period
    • Performance Year 2022, $0

Shared Savings Distribution:

  • First Performance Period
    • Performance Year 2022
      • N/A

Quality Performance Results

2022 Quality Performance Results:

Quality performance results are based on eCQMs/MIPS CQMs

Measure # Measure Name Collection Type ACO Performance ACO Mean
001 Diabetes: Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) Poor Control [1] MIPS CQM 45.56 44.73
134 Preventative Care and Screening: Screening for Depression and Follow-up Plan eCQM 20.23 39.11
236 Controlling High Blood Pressure MIPS CQM 62.62 68.82
479 Hospital-Wide, 30-Day, All-Cause Unplanned Readmission (HWR) Rate for MIPS Groups [1] Administrative Claims 0.1347 0.1510
484 Clinician and Clinician Group Risk-standardized Hospital Admission Rates for Patients with Multiple Chronic Conditions [1] Administrative Claims 32.35 30.97
CAHPS-1 Getting Timely Care, Appointments, and Information CAHPS for MIPS Survey 88.66 83.96
CAHPS-2 How Well Providers Communicate CAHPS for MIPS Survey 94.31 93.47
CAHPS-3 Patient's Rating of Provider CAHPS for MIPS Survey 91.60 92.06
CAHPS-4 Access to Specialists CAHPS for MIPS Survey 82.97 77.00
CAHPS-5 Health Promotion and Education CAHPS for MIPS Survey 52.89 62.68
CAHPS-6 Shared Decision Making CAHPS for MIPS Survey 59.17 60.97
CAHPS-7 Health Status and Functional Status  CAHPS for MIPS Survey 70.50 73.06
CAHPS-8 Care Coordination CAHPS for MIPS Survey 88.08 85.46
CAHPS-9 Courteous and Helpful Office Staff CAHPS for MIPS Survey 91.74 91.97
CAHPS-11 Stewardship of Patient Resources CAHPS for MIPS Survey 30.44 25.62

[1] A lower performance rate corresponds to higher quality.

For Previous Years' Financial and Quality Performance Results: please visit

Payment Rule Waivers


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